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Freelance graphic designer

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So, apart from branding, what can I offer you?

Wide variety of services:



Social media content

Merchandising & Packaging

Printing & editorial services

CD layout


Illustrations & Photoshop

So, why work with me?

My strengths:


Whatever you need, I can help you.

/Client satisfaction

More than 50% of my clients have requested my services on more than one occasion.


My rates are very competitive, and I can adapt to your budget.


I will always reply to you quickly and I stick to deadlines.

If you want to know who is hiding behind the computer screen,

This is me

I’m Guillem Contestí, a twenty-five-year-old Mallorcan who is passionate about graphic design. A few years ago, I became interested in the graphics that surround us in our daily lives. I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to this field, so I moved to Catalunya to study at LCI Barcelona. After doing an internship at the Lázaro Rosa-Violán Studio in Barcelona and undertaking small commissions for individuals, I became freelance. It has been quite a journey. Slowly but surely, I have built up a portfolio of clients.

I was enthusiastically working on several projects when Petit Studio (Petra) asked for my help. I worked with them for three months learning about production and printing while continuing my freelance work. I was then subcontracted by 24 PM Marketing (Manacor) and I combine my role there with my freelance work. After three years in the world of graphic design, I have had more than 150 different clients and I have won second prize in the 2021 Art Jove Graphic Design competition. Most importantly, I have managed to retain a passion for my work.

It would be great to work with you. If you are interested

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